Emerging Futuristic Targeted Therapeutics: A Comprising Study Towards a New Era for the Management of TNBC

January, 01, 2024 | Select Oncology Journal Articles

imageTriple-negative breast cancer is characterized by high lethality attributed to factors such as chemoresistance, transcriptomic, and genomic heterogeneity, leading to a poor prognosis and limiting available targeted treatment options. While the identification of molecular targets remains pivotal for therapy involving chemo drugs, the current challenge lies in the poor response rates, low survival rates, and frequent relapses. Despite various clinical investigations exploring molecular targeted therapies in conjunction with conventional chemo treatment, the outcomes have been less than optimal. The critical need for more effective therapies underscores the urgency to discover potent novel treatments, including molecular and immune targets, as well as emerging strategies. This review provides a comprehensive analysis of conventional treatment approaches and explores emerging molecular and immune-targeted therapeutics, elucidating their mechanisms to address the existing obstacles for a more effective management of triple-negative breast cancer.

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