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Editorial Guidelines/Policy

Mission Statement: In alignment with Physicain’s Weekly, increase ncrease the quality of communication between doctors, their peers, and their patients by informing and connecting them through expert medical content relating to the future of oncology and cancer care.

OncWeekly (“OW,” “our,” or “we”), which operates, is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with editorial content that meets the highest journalistic and editorial standards; we focus on accuracy, independence, fairness, and transparency. OncWeekly provides several types of content, including content written by OncWeekly columnists, content written by our editorial team in conjunction with medical experts, submitted content, and advertiser-supported content. Our editorial content is developed independently of the advertising and promotional content available on our website. We always make it clear from where the content on our site, in our print publications, and in our newsletters came.

OncWeekly’s Content

Our editorial team is committed to producing the best medical content possible.

In some cases, OncWeekly experts might discuss branded products in first-person blogs. These mentions are not paid endorsements and are based on the expert’s personal and clinical opinion. When it comes to sourcing our articles, we rely on information from respected public health institutions, peer-reviewed publications, government agencies, and medical professional societies.

Contributing experts collaborate with our in-house medical editors, who review all content prior to publication to ensure adherence to our editorial standards, including disclosure of any relevant financial relationships of expert contributors. All authors and quoted sources are asked to disclose fully and specifically any direct financial interest in products mentioned in news content, as well as their status as paid consultants or employees for any companies mentioned.

OncWeekly content is intended for informational purposes only. All opinions expressed by authors and quoted sources are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors, publishers, or editorial boards of OncWeekly.


OncWeekly invites carefully selected sponsors and advertisers to work with us to help make it possible for us to continue providing excellent, non-biased information free to clinicians.

Our Editorial Policy is that the OncWeekly editorial team retains the final say over all our internally produced content.

The acceptance of advertising in no way implies endorsement by the editors, publishers, or editorial boards of OncWeekly. We do not publish articles on the basis of advertising support and purposely do not put editorial content next to an unintentionally related advertisement. Because our website is dynamically created, there may be unavoidable occasions in which a related advertisement may be adjacent to related editorial. This in no way implies endorsement, malice, or quid pro quo.

As part of working with sponsors and advertisers, OncWeekly offers several types of content partnerships.

This includes:

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content includes content that has been supplied and produced by an outside source, including an advertiser or partner. It will be identified as “Sponsored Content” at the top of the piece. This type of content is not reviewed or written by the OncWeekly editorial team.

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